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An Open Letter

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Thursday, April 19, 2012 – Entry – An open letter…

An open letter…

A friend and spiritual colleague wrote me and asked the following question.

“God spoke to me a month or so ago reminding me of one of the churches listed in Revelations that has lost their first love. Is this kinda what you are sensing as well?”

It is in essence a form of the church losing their first love. What I am seeing however is the layers of how we got there. Meaning… The overall Body of Christ has lost their love, or better put their passion, the congregations have lost their passion, the leaders have lost their passion, and the individuals Believers have lost our passion. It has happened in steps over time and each one has fed off of the other one. God has allowed my focus to be directed at any given time to only one portion of that deterioration.

Right now what I sense burning in God’s heart is the lost leaders. What I mean by lost leaders is the leaders that were once very passionate for Christ are now either passionless, disillusioned, and/or burnt out. Why they are this way is a very lengthy topic to examine. Through the writings and the blog it will be examined.


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