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Nefarious–The Movie

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God is incredible!

I had one of those experiences today (April 14th 2023)  where God asked me to do something that seemed absolutely ridiculous for me to do and something I would not normally do, but God was in it. He had me go see a movie called Nefarious, it is in theaters now. Every human being, Christian or non-Christian, should go see this movie.

1-Most incredible theologically accurate in-depth explanation of how evil works, evil’s work in people’s lives (including how it gets entrance), and it’s influence on society.
2-Danger of toying with evil.
3-Ignorance of psychiatry, to understand the influence of evil.

It could be summed up as:
The struggle between who God created him to be and who Satan (demons) influenced him to become.

Nefarious the movie centers around a conversation between a condemned inmate and a psychiatrist who must sign off on his execution.

Completely dialogue driven, and you must listen carefully and be attentive to what is being said, almost every bit of the dialogue is packed with truth, (gratefully God made sure I was the only one in the theater when I watched it). No real violence.
Forget this movie’s labeling because it’s listed as a thriller and a horror movie, but it is far from that. I believe God via the producers wanted to get the attention of a certain type of people that would go to horror movies so the truth could be revealed to them. The description of this movie is very misleading so do not be put off by the description, like I was when I read it, but I knew that God was insisting I go… I trusted God’s guidance, and I’m glad I did.

God is everywhere right now attempting to pour out His Truth to believers and non-believers.


Prayer for Renouncement of Evil

Heavenly Father I come to you in the name of Jesus. Please hear my prayer because of the work of Christ on the Cross and allow the blood of Christ to cover my every sin and need.

I thank you for your Holiness, your Presence, your omnipotence, and your great love. You as the Creator of all things are worthy of praise and honor for you alone have dominion over all things and people. I thank you for the freewill you have given me and through that freewill, I have erred against you and that is why I seek you today.

I have both knowingly and unknowingly sinned against your will and therefore against you. I have both embraced and been exposed to “evil” found in the form of partaking in the things of Satan, the occult, witchcraft, and the like, which your Word makes clear you hate. Having repented of these things and no longer wishing to have anything to do with any of them; I have come to you to seek your forgiveness, to bleed the blood of Jesus over both those sins and the effects upon my life as a result of those sins, and to enter into covenant with you that I will not partake in any of these sins again, nor will I allow myself to be exposed to them. I will flee in the presence of such sins and thus flee from the Enemy. May my change of heart on these matters be full and complete through your sovereign grace.

Father, I ask you now to bring to my remembrance any and all evil you wish me to renounce.

[Pause and allow God to show you anything more you are not aware of to date.]

I now ask in Jesus’ name for your forgiveness of the following sins and I thank you that you are faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

I plead the precious blood of Jesus over the following sins.

[Now specifically pray for everything God reveals to you, or has revealed to you, and ask forgiveness for each individual act of evil. Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every act. – Do not pray generically or as a general group of “all evil”, be specific and deal with each category of demonic activity.]

Forgive me for my involvement in __________________ and through the blood of Jesus break the power, thus canceling the effects and affects of this evil on my life.

Forgive me for my exposure to _________________ and through the blood of Jesus break the power, thus canceling the effects and affects of this evil on my life.

Forgive me for _________________ and through the blood of Jesus break the power, thus canceling the effects and affects of this evil on my life.

Forgive me Lord for allowing evil to have any access to my life, mind, heart, soul, and spirit breaking its power and influence in my life forever. Forgive me Lord for all those acts of evil for which my mind and heart cannot recall at this time and break the power of those influences within my life as well, through the blood of Jesus.

Father in the name of Jesus I seek your forgiveness for my participation in evil and the things of your Enemy, Satan. I renounce any and all effects, and affects, of these things and I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and myself. I ask you to place a hedge of protection around me so that evil and the Enemy can no longer harm or influence me. I ask that you give me an obedient heart so that I might follow your will from this moment forward. I ask you to give me eyes to see and discern evil from good and the power to resist the evil. Increase my capacity to understand what you want, and do not want, for me in my daily life.

Jesus cover me with your blood as I stand against the works of the Devil.

Satan, I speak to you now through the blood, and the power of the blood, of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I renounce you and any power or influence you have gained in life through open doors, doors of evil, which I have opened or that has been opened by events or other people. I am a Child of God and therefore, you have no place or standing in my life. Therefore, by the blood of Jesus any and all effects and affects you have had on, or have on, my life are now broken, no longer effective, and shall no longer disturb or influence my life. You and your workers, any and all demonic presence must leave my life and I close the door of my spirit to any influence past, present, or future. The blood of Jesus has broken the power of your work and you are overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. Flee from me now in the Name of Jesus; you no longer have any place in my life.

Jesus, I thank you for your death on the cross and the forgiveness that sacrifice affords me. I thank you for your blood and the power over the Enemy that blood has bought me. I thank you that you have interceded for me with the Father and obtained my forgiveness for these and all my sins. I thank you that through the cross I am set free from the negative and evil effects/affects these acts have had on my life. I am grateful to you for it all and for your love. Thank you for dealing with my Enemy, Satan, and for rendering his work in my life useless and void. I shall always be grateful beyond measure. Father thank you for the Son and the work of the Son. God thank you for your Almighty Provision found in the blessed work of Calvary.

I ask all these things in the precious name of Jesus,

Amen and Amen.

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Ephesians 4:11-16 NKJV

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