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Walmart Prophet

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Originally posted January 23rd 2023

Walmart Prophet – January 22nd 2023 approximately 2:00 p.m.

Yesterday I had the most powerful encounter with another Believer that I have had in years, in of all places, Walmart.

The last couple of months Jesus has been impressing upon me over and over the need to give more care and attention to every single encounter I have every day. With every stranger, with every clerk in a store, with friends, other Believers, simply everyone. God is wanting me to make every encounter as meaningful as it can be. He has been stressing that this is extremely important in part because of the condition of our society and the disconnect between human beings. So I’ve been trying to be more mindful of that, not being in such a hurry and simply looking to see if God desires to do anything.

Well yesterday in Walmart I was in the mindset to do that when a white haired older gentleman approach me and began to talk. It only took about 30 to 45 seconds for him to ask me was I a Christian. I replied in the affirmative.

He began to remind me of the Scriptures that speak about how God would one day divide the real Christians from those who just claim to be Christians. He went on to say they are distinctions for determining what real Christians are. Then he pivoted the conversation and began to speak about what True God-honoring Congregations of Believers looked like versus what they did not, and additionally what they would have to be like during the end-times and prior to Christ return. Now he had my attention as this was something that God had actually shown me in the late 1990s. I listened with great spiritual discernment.

He began to talk about groups of Believers, those in the Outer Court, those in the Inner Court, and those in the Holy of Holies and their distinctions. As he spoke, he looked me directly in the eyes and began to move closer and closer. I looked him back just as intently and stood my ground as this seemingly stranger closed in on what we would call my personal space. He spoke about how you could tell the Real Believer from an unbeliever by the look in their eyes, and this was something I have always believed. The eyes, as he reminded me, are a window to the soul.

He was beginning to truly capture my attention fully. It seemed like an extremely unusual encounter because God has very rarely sent anyone to speak to me, I’m usually the one He has sent. I knew however in this moment I had to listen, and I was about to find out why.

I stood there and listen to this man, a man who had to be of God, if truly a man at all and not an angel, recount according to him the characteristics of a group of people or Believers (gatherings, as he called them) that would be considered part of the Outer Court (those congregations who house people who say they are Christians but may or may not be, more not than likely because True Christians likely would not stay in these congregations), the Inner Court (those congregations who house people who have actually obtained salvation but beyond that not much else and the congregation is not functioning as God desires), and the Holy of Holies (these are the congregations that are housing True Passionate Followers of Christ who are desiring to function as a group in the manners that God intends).

As the Man of God stood there describing those congregations or as he put it gatherings of God’s people who were a part of the Holy of Holies, I was spiritually astounded. I listened to this man recount every single characteristic of a congregation of Believers that God would bless and use, characteristics that God had given (spoken to) me back in the 1990s. God had described what He wanted His congregations to be before He could use them the way He desired and prior to His return, and He had described this way back then. Now this man was listing every characteristic one by one and why it was important. I was amazed, simply amazed! I had never forgotten what God had shown me He desired for His congregations to be, and I had never stopped spiritually advocating for the existence of those characteristics and functionality in congregations, but God wanted me to be reminded that today in 2023 He still wants the same thing he spoke in approximately 1998.

Then the Man of God moved on to me personally. He pointed out two specific things, and they were very specific. One was, God wanted me to know that a specific leader that ended up corrupt in the end, with a ministry that ended badly, was not always corrupt and that God was working there at one time, when they were following what He said. My view was imbalanced when it came to this particular ministry and leader because I always focused on the end, and gave little time or attention to what was real in the beginning, so I welcome that adjustment. The second was a spiritual principle that is at work in the Body of Christ that I need to give more attention to than I have been, so I received that exhortation as well.

As only God could do as soon as God’s points had been made the gentleman’s phone began to ring so loud it sounded like an alarm clock, like something saying wake up – wake up, and we both knew the encounter was over, although we did pause just staring in each other’s eyes making sure we understood each other. Then we both simply walked away.

We never know what our everyday encounters will bring and what exactly God would like to do through them, so it is in our best interest to take the time to pay close attention.

If this was not a case of me entertaining angels unaware, which it most likely was not, sir if you ever read this, which you might since we shop in the same location and there is a huge sign on my car with the blog address, if you do read it please use the comment section below to be in touch. I would be blessed by further communication with you.

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