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How Do We Make Godly Decisions? – Study of Proverbs 10:22, 27-28

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The Scripture passages are identified with bold upright font and the author’s notes are identified with italic regular font.

Note – All words or phrases found in quotation marks are actual parts of the Hebrew or Greek definition(s).

22 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

27 The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened. 28 The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish.

The Greatest Blessing

Verse twenty-two must be examined very carefully, as well as in light of and in reconciliation with the rest of Scriptural Truths.

In the Hebrew language the word “blessing” in verse twenty-two is defined as:

1293. בְּרָכָה berâkâh, ber-aw-kaw’; from 1288; benediction; by impl. prosperity:— blessing, liberal, pool, present.[1]

God’s “benediction” which is also His approval is the greatest blessing we will ever receive from God. When you know you have it in general or in a specific situation it filled the soul and spirit with a feeling there is no way to describe. There is a wholeness that fills you (v.22).

There is also a spiritual blessing that comes from God. This includes our personal spiritual growth and growth in our relationships. This may also include growth in our ability to fulfill our purpose or accomplish a God-given God-driven goal. Part of the definition in the Hebrew for the word “rich” is “to grow” in some form to make rich, it does not specify that those riches are monetary in nature (v.22).

That said, I do believe that God takes care of His Obedient Children monetarily. Obedience is often the key to enjoying the blessing(s) of God. I have witness people change, turn toward God more fully, and have the finances of their life brought into order with easy, almost miraculously, therefore, I cannot deny God’s hand in His children’s financial state (v.22).

The way the blessing is brought about is key to knowing it is from God. It comes about without “sorrow” being attached (v.22). When you look at what that word “sorrow” refers to in the Hebrew language you see that the blessing from God often come without “usually (painful) toil; also a pang (whether of body or mind):— grievous” as “sorrow” as defined in verse twenty-two. Hence, my earlier statement about finances being brought in alignment with easy almost miraculously for those of His children trying to fully live for Him according to His Principles and His Will.

Our struggle with receiving our blessing comes when we refuse to obey and thus cannot experience the blessing of growth God wishes to bring about in our life or when we worry, worry, worry, instead of getting right with God and then trusting Him to put other things in our life right.

Turning our attention to verse twenty-seven we see that godliness or the lack thereof, effects a person’s longevity. When we choose to “fear” the LORD (YHWH aka Jehovah the Sovereign God) it means according to the Hebrew definition that we are choosing to show “moral reverence” for Him understanding His place and power in the universe.

That said, prolonging our lives is not to no end. When you examine the word “prolongeth” in the Hebrew language you see that the meaning “3254. יָסַף yâçaph, yaw-saf’; a prim. root; to add or augment (often adv. to continue to do a thing)” : – the purpose for adding days, months, or years to our life is so that we might honor Him, service Him, bring Him glory, it is for the purpose of continuing in something; ultimately it is for God’s Purpose not for us that He prolongs our days (v.27).

The opposite is found to be true for the wicked. Those people without the hope of redemption, their days upon the earth shall be shortened. Now what it means for those days to be shortened is very interesting and will take a good bit of examination of the Hebrew definition of the word “shortened” to grasp (v.27).


7114. קָצַר qâtsar, kaw-tsar’; a prim. root; to dock off, i.e. curtail (tran. or intr., lit. or fig.); espec. to harvest (grass or grain):— × at all, cut down, much discouraged, grieve, harvestman, lothe, mourn, reap (-er), (be, wax) short (-en, -er), straiten, trouble, vex.

Those who participate in wickedness will find that their days on earth are shorter than they had to be, days that are filled with ‘much discouragement, grief, trouble and vexing’ according to the above definition. A short sad life. It makes you sigh at the thought.

Verse twenty-eight reinforces these truths. The “hope of the righteous” is “gladness” in life and what the wicked can expect is to perish in many forms. The Hebrew definition describes that “expectation” as “literally a cord attachment” that brings about their end. This to me indicates little chance of escape. However, someone who is truly wicked beyond redemption most likely has no desire to escape from their wickedness.

What about the child of God who loses their way and wonders into wickedness or some form[s] of ungodliness. They too may find themselves or their life perishing in various forms. When you look at the word “perish” in the Hebrew language you find that it means the following:


6. אָבַד ˒âbad, aw-bad’; a prim. root; prop. to wander away, i.e. lose oneself; by impl. to perish (caus. destroy):— break, destroy (-uction), + not escape, fail, lose, (cause to, make) perish, spend, × and surely, take, be undone, × utterly, be void of, have no way to flee.

How can the Wayward Christian relate to this definition? When we get caught up in sin, one sin or one hundred sins, it does each of these things described in the definition to our life.

a) We “lose oneself” losing site of who we are, a Christian, and whose we are, God’s child. As we “ wander away” from God into our sin we begin to lose purpose and direction for our life. This leads to us seeing aspects of our life begin “to perish” aka go away or cease to exist or “cause to be destroyed” in some manner.

b) Our sin will “break” parts of our faith, our resolve, our life structure, relationships, etc. Sin will always bring about some form of “destruction” to the life of the person sinning.

c) Sin often so enfolds a person that they begin to feel they will “not escape” its grasp, it causes them to “be void of” the hope, goodness, and courage they once felt God’s grace shed upon them, leaving them with the false belief, Satan’s lie, that they “have no way to flee” from what their life has become, yet they do, that way is called REPENTANCE, turning away from the sin and back to God.

d) There is no doubt that your sin or sins will cause you to “fail” in life in many, many areas. Repeated failure can break the spirit of a Wayward Christian.

e) Finally, continual sin will lead the Wayward Christian to “be undone” in the end if they fail to repent from their sin and turn back to God and God’s Will for their life.

We are blessed if we have “the fear of the Lord” because with a proper fear of the Lord we will seek to honor the Lord with our life, which will lead to the blessing of the Lord upon our life; for even when we are wayward and lost in sin that “fear of the Lord” will be the tool that God uses to bring us to repentance and back to Him, where we can once again experience His “blessing,” God’s “benediction” aka His approval and “blessing” in life and upon our life.

[1] Strong, J. (1996). The New Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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