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The Tight Community

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Monday, April 23, 2012 – Entry – The Tight Community, An open letter…continued.

An open letter…

A friend and spiritual colleague wrote me sharing the following.

And I quote, “As for the recent changes in the way I see things, it kinda started with a dream. In the dream, I lived in a small tight community and every one knew everyone. There was a prowler who stole things or killed people at night but no one except for myself could see him. The community members had a meeting to discuss what they should do about the prowler and I told them what he looks like and told them that i could see him, but no one believed me.
Thats how the dream ended. I asked God the next day what it meant and He explained that He wants me to be able to tell people what I know to be true, even when they aren’t listening or make fun of me. He said I was given a gift, and that I need to be able to use that gift without being afraid of what people’s reaction might be.

So, now, I see myself as having a light within me that glows and some see it and others do not. Some may appreciate it and seek it out, while others may turn from it or try to douse it.”, end quote.

Now some of my thoughts on my friend and colleague’s insights.

The Body of Christ as a whole is a tight community, spiritually speaking. We either belong to Jesus and are Followers of His or we are not. If we are not, we are not part of the Body of Christ. We may disagree about many things but that Salvation comes through Jesus and Jesus alone on this we must agree or we are not part of the same Body. It is to this Body that I address I comments.

Whereas we are a tight community in the spiritual world we are not tight enough in how we live out that community here on earth. Therefore, the enemy, Satan, is able to plunder the Body of Christ. He has weakened their power and influence in the world, in our culture, and in our society. Just as my friend and colleague wrote, Satan is stealing and killing throughout the Body of Christ and it is as though 90% of the member cannot even see what is happening. Have they chosen blinders? Have they chosen to ignore their enemy to the point that he is taking over? Yes, we are to resist the enemy and he will flee…but some have taken the view that their only form of acknowledgement that they have an enemy will be MILD resistance. Many Believers’ who once were very dedicated have chosen to pull back and embrace an easier way or form of Christianity. Standing a lot less often for righteousness and truth and considering their comfort more than God’s Will, Way, and Principles. We must be willing to see what Satan is doing to the Body of Christ and speak out against his actions. Shed light on the Enemy’s activity. Light dispels darkness. There are those of us who are trying to tell the Body that a Prowler is out there stealing and killing the work of the Lord within the Body of Christ. WILL YOU LISTEN? WILL YOU BELIEVE? If you are able to see what is happening share what you see with others and remember, as my friend wrote, that whether they accept or reject what you have to say has little to do with whether or not you should say it. If you have the Light of Christ within you let it glow for all those around you to see. Illuminate the darkness for your sisters and brothers in Christ who still cannot see that Church is under attack, great attack and something must be done.


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