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Silent is Sin

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – Entry – Silent is Sin

In a society where every word spoken is scrutinized for its political correctness, the Body of Christ seems to have grown silent. Need I remind you that WE, meaning God’s people, have a responsibility to shed Light and Truth in our society, in the world. Why is the Church and God’s People living in such fear that they have grown silent to His Truths. How do you think He feels about hat? Last time I checked many of us who live in the United States still had our rights to ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of speech’ both of which should be utilized to help a decaying society by shedding Light to a dying world. Yet, so many, the majority of you Christ Followers, remain silent. You say, ‘Well, I am doing it out of love.’ I am going to love them into the kingdom with unconditional love. No, you make an excuse! Unconditional love and the telling/sharing of Truth have nothing to do with one another. They are not in opposition to one another. I can love anyone without loving their sin. I, nor you, determine what sin is, God’s Truth as found in His Word determines what sin is and is not and we are ALL guilty of sin, current sin and past sin. So stop making excuses my fellow Jesus Lovers for why you are remaining silent and instead begin to speak up for God’s Word, Will, Principles, and Truth!

To be continued…


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