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COVID-19 – God and Man at Work

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During the whole of the pandemic we have heard so much about the negative affects that the isolation and the restrictive movement have had on people’s lives, or so we hear in our local media. However, I challenge the notion that it has been all bad.

What has God been doing in the lives of people as He kept children at home, dads at home, moms at home, couples at home together? What has God been doing during the time when He stripped away religious practice and worship truly was up to the private individual, in their own way, in their own home?

Has there been mental and emotional, and perhaps even spiritual problems due to the isolation and the restricted movements of the pandemic? Yes, of course there have been. There has been horrible abuse, horrible loneliness, and sin has existed. However, there has also been great growth for individuals, for families, and for couples. Growth we will explore in more depth in another post. There has also been more time for individuals to take a good look at themselves, to explore their own inner spiritual person, come to terms with and perhaps do something in response to what they discovered during the isolation that God has allowed in their life.

The pandemic has caused financial loss, but I dare to say that in a spiritual and relational level it has done more good for people than harm, and certainly more good than what was financially lost. Blessings from God are not just material or financial more often the greater ones are intangible such as growth and change.

Sometimes God has to get people’s attention, sometimes God has to get a country’s attention, but God always leaves people who are repentant better off than they were when He started a particular work in their life.


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