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1 Year Mark Approaches – God speaks breaking His silence on Coronavirus/COVID-19

In Chrisitan Lifestyle, Christian Living, Coronavirus/COVID-19, COVID-19, God, God's Voice, Godly Counsel, Repentance, Unity on February 28, 2021 at 9:06 am

As we approach the one year mark since COVID-19 started shutting the door of churches, changing our lives, and locking down America, what have we learned as a people, what have we learned as Christians?  What has God done and what is God doing through allowing COVID-19? 

Together let us start to explore that matter.

Saturday, April 11, 2020 (Holy Saturday) 4:45 am (eastern time United States of America)

The Word of the LORD to His people, thus says the Lord…

“Amid the suffering, amid the dying, you My people still cannot see to understand the twisted nature of your ways because you seek My Face, no, because you seek My Hand. You seek My Hand (My part in) this crisis, amid your trial, when you should be seeking My Face (My Message during) the scourge.

In days past I brought My Message to My people first, then to the rest of the world. I spoke first to My people. Again, I bring My Message to My people first, then the world.

I, Jesus, am the Church, the Church is My People not your temples of brick and mortar. Not your symbols of man’s ambition and greed. I never built a building I built a people. I called for unity among those people, called and called through my servants over the last many seasons (years), yet, most among you have refused to listen. You hid behind your walls of brick and mortar content in a man-made world, while ignoring your brothers and sisters everywhere you are not. Now pushed out of your walls of complacency will you listen!

I have called My people in recent seasons (years) to unity, not unity around sin, never, but unity in Me, in My Message, My Message not your message, and unity around the need to love and care for one another amid an ever growing sinful world. Without unity the world will tear at the very fabric of the Body I built. Without unity sin and decay will distort it’s purpose, My Purpose. Without unity a season of great despair will be coming, so unite now, while you have the time. I drove you out of your buildings to drive you back together. I want unity around My foundational principles and a love for Me. Give Me My Unity, and again I will give you My Power as in days past.

Hear Me, respond to Me, love Me.”

Use the “comment” link to send in your insights regarding what God has been doing in the Body of Christ, the United States, the world,  and in your life personally during this pandemic. 


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