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GOD Growth in COVID-19 / Family Growth

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In the last post we took a look at the GOD growth in individuals during the pandemic. Family growth is the topic of this post. I use the term GOD growth because God wants to bring about change in people that draws them closer to Him and that causes them to implement His Principles regardless of whether or not they have come to trust in Him for their salvation as of yet or not. God is about seeing His Will and His Principles come about in our society, in our homes, and in us personally before and after we enter that personal relationship with Him.

Questions to ponder. Why do people find it easier to talk about the dysfunction of their and other people’s families than they are able to find the courage to talk about the positive loving things within their family? Has society’s distorted view of family made people where they feel almost ashamed of loving, caring, normalcy?

Boy has the family dynamic changed over the last year amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns. With children out of school. Some parents unfortunately unemployed, and most of the other parents working from home, family has taken center stage.

We have all seen the news reports, where the anchor is attempting to do a new story via Zoom from home and the child is in the background doing all they can to get that parents attention, making the parents task almost impossible. Sometimes it is so cute you just cannot help but laugh. Other times it seems that the child is driving the parent to distraction. And on any given day it might be a little of both. Nevertheless, during the pandemic families have been forced to be together.

Just as with the private individuals, of course there are incidents where families crammed together had a negative impact for the family members. However in those situations there were most likely deep deep problems prior to the family finding themselves in lockdown together.

For many people, the endless hours of family togetherness have resulted in finding new ways to spend that time together. Finding out more about each other. A realization that all of the busy activities that both the parents and the children were involved in were robbing them of what was precious time together. It no doubt unearthed cracks in the foundation of the family that needed some repair. It helped fathers to realize what they are made out of as a father. It helped mothers to come to terms with just how much nurturing of their children they were doing and willing to do. For the children, it just may have created a new found respect for their mothers and their fathers and a greater understanding of them as real people.

For many families it created a much-needed family reset, which in America we need greatly for the American families to function in a moral and godly manner. God wants us to lift up the wholesomeness of family, not the dysfunction. To find the courage to speak out about the loving manner in which families should function or do function. We cannot allow the distortions of a backwards society make us hide our light under a bushel, when it comes to lifting up the ideal of loving, caring, normalcy in the family unit.

I want to close each of this series of postings with a quote from the original post, “COVID-19 – God and Man at Work.”

“Blessings from God are not just material or financial, more often the greater ones (blessings) are intangible such as growth and change.”


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