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The Christmas Star Lecture

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The Christmas Star Lecture

Barry Setterfield – Teaching 1993

Based on 28 years of research by historians, astrologers, and astronomers who studied of the Star of Bethlehem.

All of the following dynamics tie into pinpointing when Jesus was born and when the Wise Men would have arrived to worship Him.

Mary and Joseph both came from the line of David.

A woman giving birth would have been considered unclean because of the blood involved. If the woman was in a house during this time, the whole house would have been considered unclean and this was during a time of religious ceremonies. Hence, the use of a stable for birth.

Shepherds were in fields at night only twice a year, in spring and fall. Therefore, Jesus was born in the spring or fall of 3BC. [My note: This could be why some believe Jesus was born in April.]

Autumn 3BC Jesus was born. Between the 10th and the 25th of September.

Jesus is born September 12th then on His eight day He was circumcised, which would have been September 20th the Jewish Day of Atonement thus Jesus was shedding His first blood on the Day of Atonement. Then on September 25th, the Feast of the Tabernacle would have taken place.

If Jesus were in fact born around this time, September 10th – 25th, then His conception would have been close to the 25th of December, the previous year.

The Wise Men, the men who set out to find the New King of the Jews.

The star in the sky that announced Jesus’ birth remained in the sky for a couple, to several, years and moved guiding the Wise Men. When the Wise Men got to Jesus they went into the “house” to worship Him, house not stable [Matt. 2:11]. Above Bethlehem the star, the planet Jupiter, stopped moving and stood still for six days over the Christ Child, the day it stopped moving would have been December 25th 2BC – on that day the Wise Men arrived.


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