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Difference Blindness

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Tuesday, May 1st 2012 – Entry – Difference Blindness

The Body of Christ is guilty of focusing so much on its internal differences that it has lost its ability to be a voice within the United States. What was once a country rich in the blessings of God, a country that honored Jesus, has become a country where Christians and Christianity is widely discriminated against. How did this happen? It was able to take place because Christians were so concerned with their internal and denominational differences that they took and focus off the society that they were living in and placed it on one another, to their own peril. Now they live in a society where it is considered an offensive to have a cross mark a memorial for fallen military personnel. Whether those persons are Marines’ killed in our most recent conflicts and wars or men killed years ago in World War I. Wake up Church take off your blinders, your difference blindness is creating your own demise!

In recent years, there have been many of us who have called for unity within the Body of Christ. We have called not for unity born out of sin or acceptance of sin or born out of the acceptance of doctrinal error regarding salvation through Jesus and Jesus along or doctrinal error concerning Jesus’ deity and virgin birth. But unity born out of an understanding that despite the fact that we disagree on traditions, doctrine [apart from salvation], customs, scriptural interpretation, manner and style of worship, etc.; at the point of salvation we are all part of One Body, we are all going to heaven, and we are all going to spend eternity together. When I use the word, “all” I speak of those individuals who have put their trust in Jesus alone for salvation. Jesus’ disciples disagree with each other, disagreed about what should be done, misunderstood each other, did not necessarily like each other, and even disagreed with Jesus himself; yet they understood that the mission of the Church was more important than the personalities within the Church. We too here in America better come to understand that same principle before we are a fully persecuted group, with all that might entail. If we do not stand up, we will be pushed down and shut up.

In the lifetime of anyone reading this today there are two places on earth which have probably been most identified with Christianity and Jesus. Those two places are first, Israel and the holy cities of a Bethlehem and Jerusalem and then second, the United States of America. Yet today Christianity is at an all time low in these locations. Christianity in America has given way to apathy and skepticism. Last week there was an in-depth news story on 60 minutes regarding Christianity and the holy land. In the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem, and in the city of His death and glorious resurrection, Jerusalem, the number of Christians remaining amounts to less than 1% of the population. Where Christianity began is now almost completely non-Christian. The Christian spiritual leaders in that region are attempting to get the word out about the demise spiritually of these holy cities yet they are met with opposition from the government. In their words, they fear that the holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem will turn into mere tourist attractions or a Christian theme park. Someone within my own home expressed concern that if something was not done, some of the most sacred places on earth might one day be destroyed.

Why has all this happened? Because the Body of Christ has been so consumed with focus on each other and have been so busy tearing each other apart, they have failed to be the Moral Light to the world that they were called to be. May God forgive us. May we repent! May we once again come to realize that we are part of THE CHURCH, meaning the entire Body of Christ, not just our local congregation and that we have a responsibility to focus on building the ENTIRE CHURCH as a group and not just focus on our local projects and interest.


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