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Losing Heart, Losing Hope

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – Entry – Losing Heart, Losing Hope

One of the primary problems with the decay of the church’s influence on our culture, country, and society is the fact that many Believers who once burned red hot for Jesus have lost heart. Through time, wounds, and disappointments these once powerful warriors for God have turned into broken people who have, or are, losing hope. God never said that endurance with Him was a picnic. Just the opposite is true. Perseverance is no picnic and not for the weak and faint at heart. Yet, there is hope because someone who has given themselves to a spirit of losing heart and hope can be renewed in their zeal for, and faith in, the Lord. All they need do is ask the Lord to renew them, heal them, and bring them back to the place they once were in Him. Then they stand up and begin to walk again, forgetting the time they spent in their pain, apathy, and doubt. We must not let disappointment and discouragement take root in our lives; we can’t the Body of Christ is waiting for us, they need us and we need them. If you once had such a passion for God that you believed you could make a difference for Him and a difference in your world for His glory then I urge you to once again find your way back to that passion. Find your way back to the One who is passionate for you.


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